Tiger Woods – Why He Isn’t Done Yet

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Tiger Woods is indeed one of the most prolific golfers that we have ever seen play the game. It’s hard to debate the who’s the greatest golfer of all time, but we can agree that Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer of this era. One thing that strikes me is how many people have been so quick to write Tiger out of the game as if he won’t win another tournament or another Masters.

tiger woods
Credit: “Tiger Woods tee shot” by Tour Pro Golf Clubs is licensed under CC BY 2.0

He’s Made a Fantastic Comeback

Tiger has proven that he is very committed to his game and the success of his golf game He has come back more than one time, and while injuries have cut a couple of his comeback attempts short, each and every time he has come back. He has never stopped trying.

That is an impressive feat in itself, and to have been in a position a couple weeks ago to perhaps win the tournament at the Players Championship, signifies that Tiger is back!

How Many Tournaments Will He Win?

It’s hard saying how many more tournaments Tiger Woods will win, but as a fan and my respect for such a great player, I’m not going to say that he won’t break Jacks record. He is currently 3 wins away from the all-time record so I have to give this man a lot of respect.

A win on the PGA Tour is a win on the PGA Tour and this man has 79 of them. The only golfer that comes even close to that number is Phil Mickelson with 43. That being said, Tiger knows how to win and I believe he will pass the number of 82 wins on Tour.

If I had to pick a number for Tiger Woods wins (not that I’d want to), I am going to say 10 more wins on tour and 4 more majors, but if he did more than that, I would not be surprised.

Tigers Next Win

I believe will come this year at some point. I would not be surprised to see him win the US Open, as he was one of my predictions, but I think if he plays at Firestone Country Club for the Bridgestone Invitational, he will have a very good chance at winning as he’s won it 8 times since 1999, which is complete domination considering no other golfer has won that tournament in the same time period since 1999.

Finally, The Numbers Say He Is Playing Great Golf

Tiger is 11th in scoring average on tour and has 3 top 10’s so far this season. He is on the verge of winning, and every week he goes out, he seems to be playing more like “the Tiger of old”. This is absolutely great for the game of golf, and we should all be excited to witness a once in a lifetime player.

Tiger, I personally will never doubt you.

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