How to find the right golf instructor for lessons

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Finding the right golf instructor can be a challenge. Of course, you want to find one so that you can improve your game, however, continuing to use the wrong instructor will ultimately either hurt your game or waste your money.

The right fit for your personality

golf instructorWhen I first started golfing, I went to an instructor at one of the local country clubs. We had a few lessons together and I just felt like I wasn’t gaining as much as I needed to from the lessons.

We would start the lesson, and then he would tell me to hit a bunch of golf balls (which I did), and then he would come in and tell me to fix one thing in my swing, whether it was my grip, my stance, or something else. The next few shots were either better, or about the same.

The problem with this type of instruction was that I knew I was making changes in my swing, but I didn’t understand why these changes were necessary. I am someone I need to know the “why” behind things to really make a change in my game.

I left the lessons and tried correcting the things that he would tweak in my swing on the course, but I found I wasn’t retaining all the information on every swing. I needed more formal structure, so I continued to search for a new instructor.

A kids instructor really helped me out

I met another teacher who taught at a local course which was a little bit further than the course I was going to. He specialized in teaching kids how to play the game. This turned out to be a big help to me cause he could break it down and tell me the why behind the things I was doing wrong. He also would make me repeat all the steps, and kind of gave me a new way to think about my pre-shot routine in the form of a mental checklist.

Before I could hit any shot, I had to go through the check-list in my head and once I determined that I was complete in my pre-shot routine, I could strike the ball. The lessons seemed to overlap each other as well, and build upon previous teachings as to not make any lesson not invaluable.

Bottom line, keep searching until you find the right instructor

Luckily, I only had to go through a couple golf coaches to find one that was beneficial to me. You might find the right golf teacher on the first try, but it also might take you several more instructors. When you speak to them on the phone, try to get a feel for what they might be like. If the golf instructor isn’t willing to spend a few minutes talking to you on the phone, it’s probably not worth your time to invest your money with that coach.

Site to Find Golf Coaches

I found this site a few days back and thought it looked like a pretty decent place to find a golf coach. I have always called around from golf course to golf course to see if they recommend any instructors, but this may be a new way. The site is called coach up. If anyone has any positive experiences with this site, let me know =)

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