Golf Putting Tips- Simple Ways To Lower Your Putts Per Green

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Drive for show and putt for dough. This is a famous saying that people always say when talking about the short game. I tend to agree and disagree with that saying, but that’s a conversation for another day. Let’s take a look at why you may be missing easy putts, and some simple golf putting tips you might be able to use to become a better putter!

Walk around the green and survey

All too often I see amateur golfers walk up to a ball and putt without walking around the green and surveying the landscape. The same golfer also looks very surprised when it breaks more than the golfer originally thought it would.

By walking all the way around the green quickly and surveying the putts, you will be able to see the putt and get a better read than if you just walk right behind the ball. You can do this while other players are coming up to the green to keep the pace of play.

Watch other players putts

If you’re playing with another person and their ball is in the same general area as your ball is, if they are up first, watch their putt to see how it breaks. Don’t be daydreaming or looking up who won the baseball game on your cell phone. Watching another player putt and getting a read is a golf putting tip that is simple, yet putting

Don’t overthink it

I see players overthink a putt way too often and they talk themselves out of making the putt mentally. When you know what line you want to play the putts, stick with your gut. Overthinking putts is a very easy way to lose confidence and ultimately, miss the putt.

Practice makes perfect

When you go to the driving range or go to practice, don’t just focus on your irons and driver. Make time, and make sessions dedicated to just putting and the short game. Create drills and challenges for yourself. A drill I’ve always enjoyed is taking a putt from 3 feet, and putting until I make 5 of them in a row. After that, I will go back to 5 feet, and make 5 of them in a row.

Practicing the short putts will ultimately take strokes off your putting average. When you two putts, and you hit your first putt within five feet, you want to avoid as many three puts as possible. Practice is one of the most simple and obvious tips to lower your putting average. If you want to improve, you must put in the practice.

When you add it all up at the end of the day

There are a countless number of simple putting tips that you can use to improve your game. As amateurs, we always want to hit the next milestone, whether its breaking 100, or breaking 90, or breaking 80. We strive to become better. Putting better is one of the ingredients in doing so.

If you take the advice above and incorporate it into your routine, you should notice an improvement over time. Until next time, enjoy your round on the course and keep your drives in the fairways!





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