Best Putter For The Money- Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter (You Need This)

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This is one of my favorite putters, especially for the money that you can buy right now. I have always been in love with the two ball putter design, but I don’t necessarily like spending $200 on a putter. After all, it’s not always the putter, its the person using the putter that counts. That being said here is my review of the Pinemeador Golf PGX SL Putter.
My Overall Rating: 9.4/10

Value: 9.7/10

Design 9.5/10

Expected Performance 9/10

Best Place to Buy

Oddysey Quality, Bargain Rack Price

Everything about this putter was clearly designed to compete with Oddysey and their two ball putter. I love that this putter sports an offset hosel, this makes aligning your putts much easier in my opinion. I love the color of this club too, it has a nice color balance that makes it appealing to the eye.

Premium Grip

For me, the quality of the grip goes a long way for me when I choose a putter. It’s manufactured to have shock absorption to give you a softer feel when you putt the ball. With some stock grips, I would usually want to put an aftermarket grip on, but this grip is quality enough that I would use this grip until I felt it needed replacing or upgrading.

A Fraction of the Price of a Competitor

The value of this putter is incredible. I am becoming a big fan of Pinemeadow. They make a very quality club. I reviewed one of their wedges in a previous article, and this putter is no exception to that same claim. It comes with a headcover to maintain your club and keep it looking new.

Aesthetically Pleasing-Makes it Easier to Aim

I love the contrast around the two balls on the putter. The white on the black with the green outline will make this putter easier to putt than one that didn’t have such good contrast in my opinion. The putter length is a standard 34 inches so this should suit the average adult well.

Overall, this is a very smart buy

If your putter is old and needs to be replaced, or you struggle with your putting game, the two ball putter is one that I love and it really makes envisioning the putt much easier. You won’t be disappointed.

Get Your Putter Below

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter


Expected Performance







  • Highly Rated
  • Low Priced
  • Two Ball Design


  • One length for this putter
  • Some users reported it feeling too "light"
  • May not be as "soft feeling" as some more expensive putters

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