Are Wilson Staff golf clubs a good brand ? – History says YES and the new C300’s look amazing!

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Wilson Staff Golf clubs have been one of those names that have been around golf for many years. However, they aren’t a big name like some of the other clubs available on the market today. This might lead one to ask if Wilson Golf Clubs are solid golf clubs, or are they clubs that should be avoided?

A brief history of Wilson

To answer this question we should look at their history in golf. They have been in the golf business for more than 100 years when Wilson Staff (their brand) was founded in 1914. Many great golfers have played with Wilson golf clubs including the great Sam Snead, Arnold Palmer, John Daly and many more.

Wilson’s irons have been responsible for winning 61 major tournament, which is quite impressive! Its last major victory was in 2008 by Padraig Harrington at the PGA Championship.

There aren’t too many big name players playing with Wilson Staff clubs at the moment, however, there are still a handful or better of PGA Touring pros that play Wilson Clubs.

Wilson Staff C300 irons are solid

wilson ironsHowever, it’s safe to say that Wilson Clubs are a proven brand that should be considered if you are in the market for new golf clubs. The Wilson Staff C300 are the clubs I would consider purchasing. The designs are very stylish, and it sports their new power holes technology which promises faster ball speeds and a greater sweet spot.

When I look for new irons for me, I look for irons that will have great playability for off-center hits, as I am not by any means a scratch golfer. I love the forgiving club that will allow for a decent shot of a slightly off-center shot, and that what is Wilson is going after in this line of golf clubs.

Below is a Youtube Video from the Wilson channel describing these clubs more in-depth and going over their benefits. Also has some good views of the club to show how stylish the clubs are. I think Wilson is continuing to head down the right path with these irons.

In summary- a brand worth consideration

I have recommended Wilson wedges in a different article, and I would encourage you to consider Wilson for any part of your game that you might be looking to replace a club. I think the style of their clubs are classy, and they have a very decorated and proven past. If you’re looking for playable irons, Wilson Staff might just be your next set.

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